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One Green Bean

One Green Bean is a creative communications agency specialising in PR, social media and events. We help brands find interesting ways to tell their story, with ideas that not only have news currency, but social currency too.

We’ve built a multi-skilled team that includes people from PR, social media, technology, content and design to help us do this. Good people, who genuinely care and go above and beyond every day. We like to think we’re a full-service agency of the future. Today.

Some of our work

Virgin Holidays

Come Back Darling

In 2017, Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean. For the affected islands, a huge recovery effort kicked in. But for the 70% of islands barely affected, they were hit with another problem: a huge drop in tourism, due to misconceptions around storm damage. To get people booking again, we signed up UB40 to re-shoot the video for 1998 hit Come Back Darling - visually showcasing the stunning region in all its post-storm glory.

Heathrow Express


Over a third of British parents have admitted to bending the truth about the age of their kids to get cheaper travel fares.  To promote the fact that kids travel free on the Heathrow Express, we partnered with iconic Scottish comedy duo The Krankies and sent Wee Jimmy Krankie undercover to attempt to travel for free. The video received mass press coverage and has racked up more than two million views.

Virgin Holidays

What if...

...we treated straight couples like we treat gay couples on holiday? To promote Virgin Holidays' plan to become ‘one of the friendliest LGBT companies in travel’, our film, released in partnership with media brand Attn, imagines a world in which a straight couple on honeymoon are faced with the discrimination LGBTQ+ partners regularly endure while on holiday.

Some of our Clients

Arla Costa Heathrow Nokia Pernod Ricard Sky

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