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Havas London is Havas UK's flagship creative agency. Our mission is to make a meaningful difference to the businesses, the brands and the lives of the people we work with.

As the only major UK advertising agency to share a single building with every other specialist business in its network, we are able to build bespoke, multi-discipline teams around our clients, whatever their business need. Crucially, these are not teams that are together on paper alone - but teams physically, culturally, logistically and financially aligned. 

Since our move into the HKX Building, we have emerged as one of London's fastest-growing agencies - both financially and reputationally. 2017 saw us win more accounts than any other agency in the country, and ended with us being named an Agency of the Year runner-up by Campaign.

Some of our work


It's a Wonderful Flight

Heathrow's second-ever Christmas advert reprises the 50-year-long love story of Doris and Edward Bair - the airport's much-loved teddy bears - first introduced in our hit 'Coming Home for Christmas' spot in 2016. Set to Petula Clark's I Couldn't Live Without Your Love and shot in Heathrow's now-defunct Terminal 1, it employs some charming historical touches - and generated millions of organic views in the process. 


Screen Eyes

This campaign revolves around a surreal yet eerily familiar TV spot from Black Mirror director Owen Harris, depicting a world where people have developed eyes the shape of screens. The metaphor, coupled with scenes of everyday people going about their everyday lives, connects an increasingly common ailment - dry eyes - with its cause: the technology we have become so attached to. 


Straight Up Skincare

In a shift away from a historical perception of the 60-year-old skincare brand being a remedy for extreme cases of dry skin only, this dynamic repositioning majors on its straightforward, uncomplicated, everyday credentials, through a spokesperson who proudly shares the same fuss-free ethos herself: British boxing icon, double Olympic Champion and E45-user, Nicola Adams OBE.

Expo 2020 Dubai

Many Hands

The first global marketing campaign for the first World Fair to be held in the Middle East shows that when people work together, they can produce even greater results. Celebrating the power of human collaboration, this film follows hands of all sizes, colours, ages and shapes as they come together to create easily recognisable objects including a light bulb, the Earth and Dubai's famous Burj Khalifa. 



The night AI predicted humans better than the humans. Commissioned by ITV News to analyse social and news media in the run-up to that US Presidential election, we built a bespoke cognitive platform using IBM Watson, able to read and analyse vast amounts of unstructured data. It predicted a Trump win from day one. We...thought it was wrong. It wasn't.

Some of our Clients

Air Wick Carling Cillit Bang Citroen Clearasil Credit Suisse Dot London Durex e45 EDF Ella's Kitchen Expo 2020 Dubai Finish Gaviscon GSK Harrison's Fund Heathrow Huawei Lemsip McLaren Automotive Molson Coors Mr Sheen Optrex Peugeot RB Rekorderlig Rolls-Royce Sharp's Brewery Unilever Vanish

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